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Vincent S.K. Mantsoe
February 2 2015

Aharona Israel
February 10 2015

Bill Coleman


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Vincent S.K. Mantsoe
NTU / Skwatta
February 3 2015

Aharona Israel
February 12 2015

Emergency #21
March 26-29 2015

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Bill Coleman & Mark Shaub
The Brothers Plaid

Gordon Monahan
Sauerkraut Synthesizer
January 8 2015

Bill James

October 24 2014

Heidi Strauss/adelheid

October 10 2014

Paris La Nuit
September 12 2014

Totally Multi
September 13 2014

Dusk Dances in Rotary Park
July 24 to 27 2014

Readings from the Port Dalhousie Stories
August 8 2014


Chasing Darkness

Public Energy presents

Atlas Moves Watching
Chasing Darkness,
Part One and Part Two

A program of new dance works by Bill James for the spring season.

May 6 & 7, 2011 @ 8pm

Market Hall Performing Arts Centre


choreography: Bill James
dancers: Whitney Hewitt, Robert Kingsbury, Brian Solomon
media design: Steve Daniels
music: Robert Kingsbury, Bill James and the cast
lighting design: Sharon Di Genova
costume design: Martha Cockshutt
85 min w intermisson


Chasing Darkness Part One

dancers: Robert Kingsbury and Brian Solomon
Chasing Darkness Part One is a duet with two dancers and numerous video projections triggered by sensors on the dancers’ bodies. Media artist Steve Daniels has created customized responsive media applications that cause video images to shift and morph in response to the dancers’ movements.

Chasing Darkness Part Two
dancers: Whitney Hewitt, Robert Kingsbury, Brian Solomon
In Chasing Darkness Part Two is inspired by the concept of psychogeography: that place has a profound effect on emotions and how the body behaves. The dancers have taken stories from their past, both true and fabricated, to explore how places, and memories of places, trigger movements, as well as how movement effects the places we are. A highly physical work with intricate partnering between the three dancers, Part Two also features the dancers performing original vocals and sounds that have been developed in the rehearsal process.