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Vincent S.K. Mantsoe
February 2 2015

Aharona Israel
February 10 2015

Bill Coleman


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Vincent S.K. Mantsoe
NTU / Skwatta
February 3 2015

Aharona Israel
February 12 2015

Emergency #21
March 26-29 2015

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September 12 2014

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September 13 2014

Dusk Dances in Rotary Park
July 24 to 27 2014

Readings from the Port Dalhousie Stories
August 8 2014


2 Women Productions Presents

Storytellers In Performance At Market Hall
Stories. For adults.

Tickets: $18:00 in advance $20 at door.
Market Hall Box Office: 705-749-1146, on-line

Teller: Kim Kilpatrick
Flying in the Dark: A Blind Woman’s Story
November 19, 7:30pm

Born blind, Kim has had her battles to fight. Sometimes other peoples’ ideas about blindness have weighed her down, held her back from soaring. This is the story of how laughter and language and music have set her free. The telling will send you off moved and chuckling; knowing you have been privileged to share in Kim’s relish for living. Kim has been performing for over a decade. She is best known or the quirky delights of her autobiographical work but her repertoire is varied. She has been featured at many Canadian Festivals and appears regularly at the National Arts Centre

Teller: Dale Jarvis
Music: Delf Maria Hohmann

The Brothers Grimm: Two Hundred Years and Counting  
February 9, 7:30pm

This compelling performance celebrates 200 years since the publication of the first volume of fairytales collected by the Brothers Grimm. Fierce, funny, ancient and so contemporary, these stories are woven together with music and revealing glimpses into the lives of the brothers.  Not for children or for the faint of heart! Dale Jarvis is a distinguished folklorist and a teller known across Canada and abroad for his unbounded energy and curiosity. Delf Maria Hohmann is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who performs to much acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic, in English, French, Yiddish and German.

Tellers: Jan Andrews, Jennifer Cayley, Katherine Grier

Dragon’s Gold: A Sword Re-Forged, A Ring Accursed
April 26, 7:30pm

A story from ancient Norse literature; a son slain; retribution exacted in gold; with the gold an accursed ring; with the ring discord and death; the blighting of Brunhilde and Sigurd’s passionate love; the inspiration for Wagner’s Ring Cycle; and in our time, for Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring. Jan Andrews, Jennifer Cayley and Katherine Grier are among the finest of Canadian tellers. They delight in bringing the ancient glories of oral literature to contemporary audiences. They have all told at festivals across the country and beyond.