Curator's Corner

Curator's Corner is a collection of critical, creative and engaged writings on Public Energy's 2016-2017 season performances. The aim of these writings is to give context, pose questions, and provide new points of access to the artistic work produced within our season. I hope these writings can serve as a companion to all those who wish to delve deeper, and explore the breadth and depth of our performance season.

Victoria Mohr Blakeney
Performance Curator, 
2016-2017 Metcalf Intern

 Myrmidon: Reflections on an Enigmatic Legacy

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Love is about life and so is death…it’s quite a ride on this little boat.
– Ryan Kerr, Director of Myrmidon

Myrmidon was written by Bernie Martin, directed by Ryan Kerr and performed by Kate Story and Curtis Driedger, with design by Martha Cockshutt at the Theatre on King, November 30-December 3 2016.

Bernie Martin: Prolific Creativity

“There’s something in the throat” performer Kate Story says as she gently touches her neck, perched on the edge of a blue Newfoundland dory, in Myrmidon, landlocked in a black box theatre at Peterborough’s Theatre on King. Myrmidon is the final performance of a two month long interdisciplinary arts festival in the playwright’s name. A Certain Place: The Bernie Martin Festival was conceived and created by two local artists and tours de force Kate Story, and Ryan Kerr. Read the full article here.


 petites danses
: Review

quartet ver 3 Ed Hanley CC

In addition to providing critical, creative, and engaged writings on our performance season, Curator’s Corner also occasionally provides local performance writers an opportunity to share their critical performance writing. Dorothea Hines is a PhD student at Trent University whose research centers on performance and activism as well as performative writing practices. The following is a review written by Hines in response to the October 29th performance of Chartier Danse’s petites danses presented by Public Energy.  Read the full review here.



Bboying: Fusion & Beyond


Crazy Smooth grew up with dance. But not the way you might think. It seeped in slowly. Crept around the edges of his day. He listened to funk and hip hop. He watched cyphers form at school dances. But never went in. He wasn’t a dancer. He was an athlete.  Read the full article here.


Public Energy in Calgary: Highlights from High Performance Rodeo

boxtape 2 
This year's High Performance Rodeo, Calgary's international festival of the arts organized by One Yellow Rabbit theatre company, celebrates it's 31st season. On behalf of Public Energy I have had the pleasure of attending this year's festival thanks to support from a Canada Council travel grant for arts presenters. I bring you some reflective and interpretive writings on three of the most engaging performances I had the opportunity to experience. Each of these performances changed something in me, shifting how I see and understand the role of performance in our lives.  Read the full article here.



Digging Below the Surface: damned be this transmigration

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In many ways damned be this transmigration is like the town of Peterborough itself – delightful at first glance, but bearing some deeper and darker truths the closer you look.  Amid its funny one-liners, quick-step choreography, and lilting notes damned be this transmigration asks us some difficult questions. What is the role of the artist in society? Are artists being compensated fairly for the value they bring to our communities? Read the full article here.


A Quiet Moment with Charlie Petch: Mel Malarkey Gets the Bum's Rush

Mel malarkey crop
Charlie Cathy Petch is a playwright, actor, spoken word artist, and musical saw player. Petch's new full-length spoken word vaudeville play Mel Malarkey Gets the Bum’s Rush has toured all over Canada and is featured in Public Energy’s current season, coming to the Theatre on King March 29-April 2. Petch has toured nationally as a spoken word artist and member of the League of Canadian Poets. They are widely published, and have had nine plays produced. It was an absolutely pleasure to get to ask Petch some key questions about their work, what motivates them, what inspires them, and how their performance practice continues to grow and evolve. Read the full interview here.
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