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Erring on the Mount - Installation descriptions

INSTALLATIONS PROGRAM A & B at Erring on the Mount

Coloured numbers identify location on the floor plans.

17 Kathleen AdamsonCognate
This audio-visual installation will question relationships between indigenous culture and the Church at a local level, exploring blurred perspective, cultural resonance and dissonance, smothering, distance, charity, and transmuted symbols.

Kathleen Adamson is a classically trained pianist and composer. She premiered her first opera last summer and has recently returned from travelling through Spain studying pilgrimage routes and the monastic influence within small communities.

32 Lester AlfonsoBrion Wagner where are you now?
Brion Wagner has been a vital member of Peterborough's artistic scene and his disappearance in the winter of 2013 left a void in the community. Brion Wagner where are you now is an installation of one of his more ephemeral and temporary works: an oil and dye light projection performed at a house party last summer, recorded by Lester Alfonso, and played back for us, as a reminder of the work we all have to do, "to keep vigilant, keep the faith, and go the extra mile to affirm the beauty of life in gratitude".

Lester Alfonso was a collaborator of Brion Wagner’s, and often documented his unique live art experiences using light and projections and music/noise. Writer, filmmaker, photographer and video jockey, Alfonso's original works include award-winning documentaries, one-man plays, architectural video-mapping, and his most recent project, as artist-in-residence for MAP, the ongoing series "What is Art?".

49 Joeann ArgueContemplation
What happens when we are alone with our thoughts? When we sit alone in a room with only the far away sounds of everyday life?

Joeann Argue is a trans-media artist working in sculpture, sound, visual art and performance. She is currently completing an MFA in Visual Arts at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

26  Douglas Back & Sara BradleyUplift
Emulating one of the Sisters daily chores, laundry. Vibration sensors on the stairs control a winch motor at the top of the stair well. Forty feet below a linen sheet is soaking in a washtub. As people walk on the stairs the dripping linen sheet is hauled, step by step, to the top of the stairwell.

Doug Back is a tenured professor at OCAD University, and has been making electronic, programmed, mechanical, interactive installations since 1979. Sara Bradley has been a structural engineer for 20 years, this is her first foray into the world of installation art.

 1  Paul CadeThe Garden of Infinite Possibilities
An interactive and collaborative sculpture garden realized from repurposed and recycled materials, visitors are invited and encouraged to join in the creative process and contribute to the beautification of the Mount.

Paul Cade has worked as an illustrator, designer, and film director. His works have won numerous awards nationally and internationally.

22 Jan-Paul CampeauRupto Silentio
with Victoria Wallace and Roz Hermant
Using a barrage of chaotic sound, Rupto Silentio transforms the ambulatory, the hidden hallway behind the altar originally used by priests for silent passage.

Jan-Paul Campeau is a musician, songwriter and sound designer who composes for video games and various album-recording projects. Roz Hermant is a photo-based artist, inspired by the landscape of wherever she finds herself. Victoria Wallace is a multi-media visual artist working and conducting workshops in acrylic, encaustic, and sculptural media.

20 Robert EdmondsonExploring the Boundary Between Art & Corn
This lighthearted kinetic sculpture asks for audience participation by means of a crank in the upper chapel balcony that must be turned to reveal the piece’s function and message.

Robert Edmondson is a designer and builder of many things; most recently large scale kinetic sculptures that hope to “reach up and touch the higher sphere of art”.

 3  Anne GaensbauerNatures’ Cross and Spirit Rising
A series of 14 photocollages located around the Auditorium (the Sisters' first chapel) reference the traditional Stations of the Cross and the crucifixion of nature. They are contrasted by wooden sculptural reliefs that allude to hope, and the spirit of awareness within us all.

Anne Gaensbauer is York University Visual Arts graduate, who lives on the north shore of Stony Lake near the Petroglyphs Park; she draws her inspiration from the land, and uses techniques from various mediums to create her work.

42 Judith GrahamThe Cloakroom
Reminding us that we take our beliefs with us and wear them in everyday life, this interactive multi-media installation invites visitors to explore, create, and wear, clothing in a religious context.

Judith Graham is a visual artist and poet living in Millbrook Ontario. Her past lives as a Buddhist nun, biology instructor and potter exert a strong influence on her work.

48 Ann JaegerThe Permeability of Words
An experience of language as fluid and impermanent; paying homage to the prayers, conversations, and silences of the Mount Saint Joseph Sisters.

Ann Jaeger is an OCAD graduate whose work often combines visual art, textiles and writing. She writes Trout in Plaid, an online journal about her love affair with Peterborough's arts and culture scene.

21 Cameron KuntzSaints In Underwear And Other Stories
Saints… playfully explores the space where the Spiritual and Physical meet - the bodies of Saints. Kuntz's figures speak to the human element within the divine - the secular within the sacred, and the physical or 'profane' within the saintly.

Cameron Kuntz was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1955, and continues to be inspired by his native city. Art making is just one of his many careers.

31 Leigh MacdonaldA Glow in the Dark
A mixed-media painting presents itself in two forms: one visible in the light, the other in darkness.

Leigh Macdonald finds expression in drawing, painting, taking photographs, playing the piano, and collaborating with other artists using puppetry, costume and lights.

44 Jeffrey Macklin and Phillip CheeSister Mary's Room of Requirement
A multi-media installation disguised as a simple room, populated with the ephemera of a life of a typical resident of Mount St. Joseph.

Jeffrey Macklin is an emerging artist, working primarily in relief printing (letterpress) and mixed media. Phillip Chee works with computers, operating systems, and networks. He creates photographs the rest of the time.

50 Dave MaherFrom Orphan To Hero
Inspired by actual events, this installation tells the story of a young child left at the Mount and cared for by the sisters until his adoption, who became a hero not only to his family and neighbours, but in service to his country during WWII.

Dave Maher is a lifelong Peterborough resident, who studied art under David Bierk. He's most passionate about photography and story telling.

 5  John MarrisRe-Haunting
with assistance from Phillip Chee
Using cameras located throughout the site, Re-Haunting will document Erring on the Mount as a ghostly performance of captured and printed images.

John Marris is a writer, photographer, painter, land-art maker, and creative collaborator who came to Peterborough to study for his Ph.D. at Trent University. His artistic interests include using art as a form of collaborative community engagement, and as a tool for exploring our connections to both natural and human-created processes of change and decay.

28 Beth McCubbin - The Eternal Spirit
The internal, untroubled, devout belief of a woman lost in a thoughtful moment.

Beth McCubbin lives in Hull, Quebec, having recently left her beloved arts community of Peterborough. In her artwork Beth seeks to represent the alternative, the over-looked, the forgotten, and the undesirable.

 4  Tegan Moss and Paul AtchisonThe Clock
Using iconography from various sources, The Clock reminds us that time is an abstraction.

Tegan Moss seeks transformation through her installation and movement based art. Paul Atchison has only recently admitted to being an artist.

No Man’s Land
No Man’s Land is a distinct visual art exhibition within Erring on the Mount featuring the work of eight female artists investigating women’s space(s) – emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual. Their installations, in the pink corridor on the first floor, explore the intersection of the equally contentious paradigms of Christianity and Feminism. Judith A. Mason has written a full curatorial statement for the works that are inspired by the Sisters, and the site that was once their home.

10 Rowena DykinsMonarch Migration
Monarch Migration is a reflection and meditation on ephemerality, migration and survival.

Rowena Dykins, painter, installation artist and art educator, studied fine art at the School of Art & Design at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Concordia University.

12 Mary KainerPath of Righteousness
This drawing installation contrasts societal vices - greed, vanity, gambling, drug and sex trades, over-population- to the virtuous lives of the Sisters.

Mary Kainer employs drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation in her practice. She divides her time between Toronto and Apsley.

 8  Ramune LuminaireHave You No Shame? and No Shame
Walls covered in graphite writing and drawings surround a small knitted figure suspended over a single bed... Have you no shame? and No Shame explore the divide between the physical body and societal conventions.

Ramune Luminaire is a visual artist, author and teacher who seeks to find a place and a form for the expression of female sexuality.

11 Judith A. MasonThe three sisters, the incidents and the sepulcher
Painterly forms, hybrid beings and haunting vignettes explore the unstable and complex relationships of women - as mother, lover and designated ‘other.’

Judith A. Mason is a practicing artist, writer, teacher and curator. Her work often considers the conflict between the inner life and contemporary culture.

 6  Holly McClellanMount St. Joseph’s Garbage Dress Series
Unwanted clothing is collected through a public appeal then donated to charity. This installation is part of an ongoing series of “Garbage Dresses.”

Holly McClellan is a graduate of York University and Sheridan College, she teaches digital photography and fine art at Durham College, and in her own artistic practice she is influenced by suburban living, consumerism, and their connection to the environment.

13 Margaret RodgersRibbon, Lace and Silt Cloth: Handiwork for a Modern World
The seventeenth century Sisters of St. Joseph made ribbon and lace. This is depicted on a banner using silt cloth and lace from a bridal shop.

Margaret Rodgers is an Oshawa-based visual artist and writer, founder of IRIS and as well as Director/Curator at Visual Arts Centre Clarington.

 7  Joan ScaglioneBlack Madonna
Black Madonna is constructed from burned wood, and kneels on a mound of earth, her body folding into a spiral, her arms reach out into the cosmos.

Joan Scaglione received her MFA from the University of Regina - she now lives in Kingston Ontario where she practices and teaches art.

 8  Sally ThurlowWhat The Nun Told Me
An empty claw-foot tub and nightgown are watched over by a pair of crows, the tub's occupant having ascended to another plane...

Sally Thurlow is a Toronto based multi-disciplinary artist. She questions environmental practices relating to our current geographic and cultural situation.

39 Kelly O'NeillIn Search of Sanctuary
With troubled mind, where does one go, but in search of sanctuary? This work draws the viewer into an inner landscape examining visions of solitude, vulnerability, pain and courage.

Kelly O'Neill is a mixed-media and textile artist who has recently begun creating small sculptural pieces using found objects.

29 Paul OldhamInterstices
Definition: a space that intervenes between things; especially:  one between closely spaced things.

Paul Oldham is a practicing artist who divides his time between stained glass, painting, and creative carpentry, his work for Erring fits somewhere in between all these.

30 Laurel PaluckDream Machine: Sleep Now
A collection of dreams gathered from around the world for participants to experience, share and contribute to.

Laurel Paluck is an interdisciplinary artist who creates performance work which draw on theatre, literature and visual arts.

40 Michael PoultonUnfinished Business ~ a sound art installation for two voices
with voices by Leigh MacDonald, Laurel Paluck and Daphne Molson
A small room in a nursing home that has ceased operation... Two voices can be heard... the internal monologues of each woman's unfinished business with the other.

Michael Poulton is an award winning multi-disciplinary artist and curator of the Museum of Temporary Art, a fusion of museum, contemporary art institution and conceptual art piece.

27 Quilt Arts PeterboroughThe Sisters - their Pathway
Comprised of seven panels by seven quilters, using both traditional and non-traditional techniques, Quilt Arts Peterborough depicts the many contributions the Sisters have made to the Peterborough community.

Quilt Arts Peterborough is Elke Bade, Judith Maher, Maureen O'Neill, Mary-Clair Nepotiuk, Blythe Minty, Susan Hubay, and Maureen McKeen

51 Deb ReynoldsQuestions That Have No Right to Go Away
This interactive installation asks visitors to consider the parallels between artists and nuns, and the questions of life 'that will not go away' (David Whyte). Visitors are invited to use manual typewriters to answer the questions, and add their work to the installation in the gathering space.

Deb Reynolds is a multi-disciplinary artist with specialties in clown and open-eyed dreaming. She believes that art is for, and in, everyone.

43 Bronson SmithPROSTATE CANC*R – “the radiation series”
The Radiation Series chronicles Smith's 7 week treatment for prostate cancer at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre in 2013.

Bronson Smith has been practicing his unique style of artwork, modern primitive wood paintings, for over 30 years.

34 Gillian Turnham and Hartley StephensonThe Fall
Interactive staircase installation featuring slinkies, a marble-run, and plenty more. Join us for a chance at ascension, or simply come to witness "The Fall".

Gillian Turnham employs traditional hand-craftsmanship techniques on non-traditional and found materials, focusing thematically on architecture, repetition, and the narrative form. Hartley Stevenson uses the detritus of modern consumerist society to comment on the political and social milieu of our times.

Esther VincentWalking Mural
A visual exploration of the viewer's path through Erring. A guide. A mystery. A map.

Esther Vincent is a polymath whose expertise ranges from visual and performing arts production to arts management and horsemanship. Her current passion is photography.


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