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2 Women Productions 2010 Frankenstein (with Ben Haggarty and the Crick Crack Club) (North American Premiere)
2011 Storytellers in Performance: Kim Kilpatrick - "Flying in the Dark: A Blind Woman’s Story"
2012 Storytellers in Performance: Dale Jarvis  - "The Brothers Grimm: Two Hundred Years and Counting"
2012 Storytellers in Performance: Jan Andrews, Jennifer Cayley, Katherine Grier - "Dragon’s Gold: A Sword Re-Forged, A Ring Accursed"
605 Collective 2012 Audible
Atelier Ludmila 2010 Jack and the Beanstalk Go Downtown (Alley Waltz 2010)
2011 The Dream Machine
2013 Wunderbar
2014 Baba Yaga and The Lost Babuska
Aroha Fine Arts Dance Co 2007 (website) Dancing in the Moghul Courts
Arzoo Dance Theatre  2003 Rubies (World Premiere)
2006 Tech No Bond Age (film, Moving Pictures Festival)
2007 Collision/Collusion
Atlas Moves Watching     2001  Blind Date with Bill James (poster, program, and review)
2004 Atlas Moves Watching: Progress Avenue (World Premiere)
2009 Old Men Dancing: Wiser and Still Gorgeous (Do Not Resuscitate)
2009 Old Men Dancing: The Formative Years (what's wrong with these guys) (World Premiere)
2011 Chasing Darkness
battery opera 2007 (website)  [storm]
Badu Dance Company 1996  "Bowa," "Marie-Joseph Angelique," "Black Me," and "Creole African" (poster and program, World Premiere)
Bboyizm 2017 Music Creates Opportunity
Canadian Children's Dance Theatre  1996  Wintersong (poster and program)
2004 Teasing Gravity - Dances for the Young and Fearless
2004 Tilt Sound & Motion: Full Tilt
Chartier Danse 2009 How to Wrestle an Angel (part of Old Men Dancing) (World Premiere)
2010 Stria (World Premiere)
2015 "Photuris Versicolor" (part of Dusk Dances 2015)
2016 petites danses 
Charles Linehan Co. 2004 Grand Junction & New Quartet
COBA: Collective of Black Artists 2003 (website In the Spirit of Continuity...
Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie       2000 An Evening of Duets (poster and program) (World Premieres)
2003  Varenka, Varenka! (Ontario Premiere)
2005 Les Paradis Perdus
2006 The Kudelka-Taylor Project (World Premiere)
2007 Interiors (World Premiere)
2008 In Paradisum
2010 (website)  In Paradisum
2012 From the House of Mirth (Avant-Premiere)
2013 "October 16, 1978" (Part of Double Take) (Coleman)
2015 Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas (Coleman)
2016 The Man in Black
2016 Looking for Elvis
2016 Dollhouse
Compagnie Flak 2006 (website) Portable Dances
Conrad Alexandrowicz Theatrical Dance 1995 Theatrical Dances (poster, program, and preview)
Contact Dance Team 2009 "Between Falling and Flying"  (part of Emergency #17)
Corpus 2002 Nuit Blanche
2009 (website) Le Grand Peep Show
Crick Crack Club (Ben Haggarty) 2010 Frankenstein (North American Premiere)
The Cure Collective 2003 The Cure for Sexual Jealousy
2004  The Cure for Sexual Jealousy
2006 The Cure for Sexual Jealousy (and other true tales of loves lost and found)
Dance Like No One is Watching 2010 Dance Like No One Is Watching
Danse Carpe Diem 2013 Cinq Humeurs and Scan (program)
Dogs In Space 1998 "Lake Flo," "Kick Waltz," and "Exquisite Corpse" (poster and program)
Edge of the Woods Theatre 2011 "Ralph + Lina" (part of Emergency #18)
2015 Ralph + Lina
Fleshy Thud   2005 Bare Essentials '05
2009 Oskorei (World Premiere)
2011 Ripple Effect
2016 Dazzle Ships
Freetong Players 2003 Rising from Our Ashes
Fujiwara Dance Inventions   2006 Sumida River
2006 (website) Conference of the Birds
2013 "Lost and Found" (part of Double Take: Fujiwara and James)
2014 "Unquiet Winds" (part of Dusk Dances 2014
The Holy Body Tattoo 1996  Our Brief Eternity (poster and program)
2000 Circa (poster, program, and review)
2004 (website) Running Wild
hum 2007 (website) She's Gone Away
House of Pride 1999 House Opera (poster and program)
The Hungry Collective 2008 Hungry: A Musical Hansel and Gretel
James Kudelka 2006 The Kudelka-Taylor Project (3 pieces, World Premiere)
2008 In Paradisum
2010 In Paradisum
2012 From the House of Mirth (Avant-Premiere)
K d'D2 2002 (website) Resistance (poster and program)
Kaeja d'Dance 1996 (website) The Old Country Trilogy (poster, program, and preview)
Kaha:wi Dance Theatre 2005 Indigenous Dancelands (Santee Smith)
2009 A Story Before Time
2011 Dewa:ao gajihgwa;e (The Creator's Game) (part of the Ode'Min Gilzis Festival; poster)
2015 Kaha:wi, Four Directions, Young Woman's Dance (Santee Smith) (part of Dusk Dances 2015)
2015 The Honouring
Le La La Dancers 2005 (website)  Potlatch Pride
Lara Kramer 2012 of good moral character
Lizt Alfonso Danza Cuba 2008 (website) Fuerza y Compás
Manon fait de la danse 2003 (website) 24 X Caprices (Ontario Premiere)
2004 24 X Caprices (as part of Moving Pictures Festival)
Mascall Dance 2008 (website) Traces of E. Carr
Menaka Thakkar Dance Company 1998 (website) The Menaka Thakkar Dance Company (poster)
Michael Rubenfeld 2012 The Book of Judith
MOonhORsE Dance Theatre 2000 Three Women (poster, program, and review)
Mr. Coleman & Mrs. Lemieux 2000 An Evening of Duets (poster and program, World Premieres)
Native Earth Performing Arts 2005 The Scrubbing Project (co-production)
2006 Tales of an Urban Indian
2006 (website) Honouring Theatre: an International Indigenous Theatre Festival
The Nervous System 2011 Terror and Erebus (a workshop)
2013 Terror and Erebus (as part of Emergency #20)
2014 Murmuratio (part of Erring on the Mount, Program B)
Next Intersection Dance Theatre 2003 Night Stills
Number Eleven Theatre 2004 Icaria
O' Kaadenigan Wiingashk 2009 The Rez Sisters
2016 Beads and Braidseads and Braids
Old Men Dancing         2002 "Old Men Dancing" (part of Emergency X Part 1: All New Stuff; poster, program, preview 1, preview 2, and review)
2003 "People Singing and Old Men Dancing to a Mass" (part of Emergency #11, Program A)
2004 "Bus to Enigma" (part of Emergency #12, Program A)
2006 "Marshalling Memories" (part of Emergency #14, Program M)
2007 "Weathering" (part of Emergency #15, Program A, with Bill James)
2008 "Medium at Large; The Clothesline; The Duet; The Whitehouse Waltz"Medium at Large; The Clothesline; The Duet; The Whitehouse Waltz" (part of Emergency #16, Program B)
2009 Wiser and Still Gorgeous (Do Not Resuscitate)(World Premiere)
2009 The Formative Years (what's wrong with these guys)
2011 "Holding On/Letting Go" (part of Emergency #18, Program A)
2012 "Occupy This" (part of Emergency #19, Program B)
2013 "Under Canvas" (part of Emergency #20, Program B)
2015 "Legacy" (part of Emergency #21, Program A)
Overall Dance  1999 Calculated Risks (poster and program)
2001 The Four Horsemen Project and Other Dances (poster and program)
Peggy Baker Dance Projects 2005 (website) Unfold
Peterborough Dance Collective 2005 From the Floor
Peterborough County Children's Choir 1996 (website) Wintersong (poster and program)
Primal Glow Productions 2002 Baubo Trinket, A Little Clown in the Dumps
The PyroFlys 2012 "Broken Down Circus" (part of Emergency #19, Program A)
Red Sky Performance 2007 (website) Raven Stole the Sun
Sampradaya Dance Creations 2005 Vivarta and Howzaat!
Sarah Chase 2004 Portraits
2005 The Disappearance of Right and Left (under Peggy Baker Dance Projects and "Unfold"; program)
Saskatchewan Native Theatre Co. 2009 The Velvet Devil
SCAG (Serious Contact Artists' Group) 1997 Pent
Self-Conscious Theatre 2012 The Book of Judith
Step On Corn Productions 1996  Pent (poster and program)
SWAG 2002  (part of Emergency X Part 1: All New Stuff, Program C; poster, program, preview 1, preview 2, and review)
2003 "Body Art" (part of Emergency #11, Program B)
2004 "More rehearsals needed" (part of Emergency #12, Program B)
Te Toki Haruru 2013 TŪĀHU
Tara Cheyenne Performance 2008 Nick and Juanita: livin' in my dreams
Theatre Smith-Gilmour 2003 (website)  Chekhov's Shorts
tiger princess dance projects 2008 (website) Fading Shadows/Returning Echoes
2013 "Onward Ho, My Love" (Julia Aplin) (part of Dusk Dances 2013)
Trent Dance Team 2005 "Not Myself" (part of Emergency #13, Program Y)
2006 "Overcome" and "Outta Control" (part of Emergency #14, Program E)
2007 "Collaboration" (part of Emergency #15, Program B)
2008 "Colours; Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" (part of Emergency #16, Program A)
2009 "Midnight Circus" (part of Emergency #17, Program A)
The Turtle Gals 2005 The Scrubbing Project
Vital Tapestries Productions 1994 Giro in Popomo (poster)
2001 Invisible Things (part of Page to Stage; poster, previewand review)
Volcano Theatre 2001 "Lambton Kent" with Yanna McIntosh (part of Page to Stage; poster, previewand review)
Weaver Bird Collective 2009 "Women Who - Stories Travel" (part of Emergency #17, bonus)
Wuomi 2003 Rising from Our Ashes (with The Freetong Players)
The YDK Project 2009 You Don't Know the Half of It

Don't see what you're looking for? Try Search by Artists or Archives by Season.

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