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REEL DANCE ON THE ROAD - the best of the 2004 Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film and Video

Fri April 1 at the Gordon Best Theatre 216 Hunter St. West


The Peterborough New Dance 10th Anniversary Show - video - 30 minutes
By Lester Alfonso and Bill Kimball
A highlight reel of dance artists both international and local that have been presented by Peterborough New Dance over its first ten years. Plus behind the scenes footage of office life at PND. Only the second showing of this hit from PND's 10th Birthday Party last November.

Other films to be announced


Distemper - video 5 minutes - Calgary, CANADA
Directed and Produced by John Albanis; Choreographed by Kimberly Cooper.
Based on Decidedly Jazz DanceWorks staged performance Velvet, Distemper deal with the nightmare of suffocation.

Portion - video - 5 minutes - CANADA
Directed by Alison Denham
An array of images taken from an improvisation in which dancers and camerawoman (Liz Marshall) had the freedom to explore the space with each other in anyway they felt obliged. The resulting abstract narrative tells a story of a woman during a time of complete freedom of expression.

Bone - video (from 35mm) - 5 minutes - CANADA
Directed by Gregory Nixon; Choreographed and performed by Caroline Richardson.
The tension between the need to achieve transcendence and the fear associated with that journey. Shot in the sands of Tunisia.

Movements in Motion - Natasha Bahkt - video 7 minutes CANADA
Directed by Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer; Choreographed by Natasha Bahkt.
One of a series of ten portraits on emerging choreographers from across Canada. Working in contrasting warm and cool tones the video examines the choreographer's sharp intellect and her "steel encased in silk" stage persona through a lens that is personal, confrontational and intimate

Tongue Bully - video - 7 Minutes - CANADA
Directed by Annie Bradley; Choreographed and performed by Learie McNicolls.
Movement meets spoken word in this video poem by multitalented poet, performer and composer Learie McNicolls. Filmed on location in Havana.

Sunflower - 16mm 7 minutes - CANADA
Directed by Michael Caines; Choreographed by Keith Cole.
A little sunflower seeks the light but is battered by the elements. Will anyone come to the rescue?


Crutchmaster - video 9 minutes - U.S.A
Directed by Nicolas Jenkins; Choreographed by Bill Shannon.
Bill Shannon, whose disability is the soul of his career defies all categories. Better known by his B-boy moniker Crutch Master, Shannon lives with a degenerative hip condition that makes it impossible for him to stand or move his legs without pain. Crutch Master's mix stems from philosophy as well as physical necessity. He considers himself a performance artist rather than a dancer and defines his work as rooted in street culture but informed by fine arts. (Documentary)

Snow - video - 7 minutes - UK
Directed by David Hinton; Choreographed by Rosemary Lee.
Made from fragments of pre-1960 's archive footage. Snow turns ice-rinks and city streets into a stage for a slippery dance.

The Cost of Living - 35 minutes - UK
Directed and choreographed by Lloyd Newson (DV8 Physical Theatre).
David and Eddie are street performers struggling to get by in a seaside town. The Cost of Living follows them as they work, argue, fail at romance and fall out with old friends. The film is part dancefilm part drama. The stories are told through a combination of stylized movement and dialogue. All the stories are about how we value ourselves and other people…the cost of living.