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Canada's Most Acclaimed
Dance-For-Young-Audiences is coming to Peterborough's Showplace Performance Centre

Oct. 26 at 1:15 PM
Oct. 27 at 10:30 AM & 1:15 PM

A fantastic program of contemporary dance for all students - not just those interested in dance and theatre. These dances full of ideas are as thrilling to think about as they are to watch.

The Company…
TILT sound+motion is a professional dance company created by Canadian Children's Dance Theatre specially to engage and entertain intermediate and high school students. Led by Lesandra Dodson, one of Canada's most exciting choreographers, TILT's professional artists (all in their early 20's) perform the kind of edgy, provocative dance that speaks directly to teen audiences. TILT was launched on the National Arts Centre Stage to critical acclaim at the 2002 Canada Dance Festival.

The Program…
FULL TILT is a fast-paced 60 minute production designed for young adult audiences and combining live and recorded music, video, theatre and dance in a visually and aurally stunning presentation.

The FULL TILT program includes the following works created by some of the country's brightest choreographers:

Montreal choreographer Marie-Julie Asselin's L'ove explores the uneasiness of human existence as it follows three characters through different emotional scenes.

In v-hold, collaborators Heidi Strauss and Jeremy Mimnagh fuse video, dance and sound into a multifaceted exploration of different interpretations of the term 'vertical hold'. Futuristic and stylistically refined, this visual montage is a synergistic blend of technology and human interaction.

Mystical, visceral and ecstatic describe Peter Chin's ritual with frogs, butterflies and others featuring movement inspired by the Gambuh ritual theatre of Bali (and the lives of frogs, butterflies and other creatures). The quintet weaves an energetic web in a dance that explores the fierce unison of the herd as well as sinuous, intertwining individualism, creating a complex counterpoint.

Deborah Dunn's piece Elegant Heathens is a choreographed set of questions revolving around western dualities, including the mind/body, the past/present and the strained relationship between pleasure and progress. The five characters are stylish subversives, using their bodies as fearless vehicles through which they ask questions about themselves, each other and the world.

Performance Support Materials…
Participating schools will receive a free Educator's Guide to the performance including a survey of Canadian dance, theatre etiquette, a description of the program's dances, suggested exercises and a reading list.

$5 Thanks to generous support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Ontario Arts Council, TILT is able to provide subsidized admission to a program valued at $15 - $25.

Workshops for Teachers and Students…
See below for information on workshops offered.

For bookings contact…
Anna at : 705-799-2710 or annagartshore@nexicom.net

For more information about the company check out the web site at www.ccdt.org

TILT n' Tech Movement Workshop for Students…
Complementing its performances, TILT offers class workshops at any level for those students interested in personally experiencing what they have seen on stage. Classes include curriculum-based movement and music explorations.
Location: At your school - we come to you! (gymnasium or dance studio required)
Enrolment: Limit 30 students per session
Cost: $100 (subject to minimum of three school bookings per day)
To book: Call Peterborough New Dance at 745-1788

Complementing its performances, TILT offers a 1 hour long introductory class in movement for those students interested in personally experiencing what they have seen on stage. The movement material, while very accessible and fun, is based on exactly the same principles and style practised by TILT's dancers. Elements of class content are drawn from Ontario's dance and music curriculum requirements and all classes are enlivened by a live pianist/percussionist. The class is led by Miranda Abbott, the company's outreach teacher, and a percussionist.

The Movement Workshop was designed by Deborah Lundmark, one of Canada's leading specialists in movement for the young. Founder and Artistic Director of Canadian Children's Dance Theatre and TILT sound+motion, Ms. Lundmark designed the dance component of the Toronto District School Board's curriculum-based Drama/Dance Project. Her companies conduct 150 workshops throughout Ontario each year, complementing their performances for more than 25,000 students.

DanceGuide Workshops for Teachers…
TILT will offer one 4 hour after-school professional development workshop for teachers of dance. These popular curriculum-based sessions, led by Deborah Lundmark whose 35 years experience teaching dance to children and youth, provides participants with practical hands-on understanding of teaching dance in a school environment. Printed support materials are provided and music-for-dance CD's are made available.
Enrolment maximum: 20 teachers
Location: TBA
Cost: $100.00 per participant.
To book: Call Peterborough New Dance at 745-1788

Moving with Comfort and Confidence (1hour)
The objective of this component is to foster within participants a feeling of self-confidence in their physicality and to demonstrate the ways in which movement is an integral and familiar part of daily life. This objective echoes both a basic curriculum requirement and dance theorist Rudolf Laban's belief that dance grows out of the life of its time, reflecting ordinary motions such as work movements.

Talking the Talk/Walking the Walk (3 hours)
The first objective of this component is to communicate the basic elements of dance as they relate to the curriculum. The material is taught progressionally, following the progressional nature of the curriculum subject matter. Participants become familiar with the curriculum's "big picture", learning material pertinent to all grades, in order that they may understand the relationship of their own grade material to the whole.
The second objective is to apply the elements and vocabulary of dance to the creative requirements found throughout the curriculum. Teachers learn to express themselves employing improvisation techniques and source materials from other subjects in the curriculum.
The third objective will be to elaborate on the process of critical thinking, evaluation and communication that is a key component of the curriculum.

The overall objective of DanceGuide is to provide teachers with a clear structure and method for organizing and delivering curriculum material.