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June 17, 18 & 19, 2004 @ 8PM

Market Hall Theatre, 336 George St. N

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Martha Cockshutt designs costumes, sets, and the good life.
The older Curtis Driedger gets, the more famous he realizes he was.
Ryan Kerr makes light of dance.
John MacEwan: legendary rock guitarist.
Kate Story dances and writes her fast little throbbing beating heart out.
Esther Vincent manages the best she can.
And very special guests: Keelia Quinn de Launay, Emma Romerein, Sister Mary Diane Gallagher, Sister Mary Susan Newman, Sister Mary Anne Ryan, and Sister Mary Susan Spicer.

AGOREYPHILIA is an original work of dance-theatre inspired by the life and work of beloved underground writer-illustrator Edward Gorey*. Created by a collection of Peterborough’s most eccentric artists, the performance evokes the obsessive, hilarious, disturbing and elegant world Gorey created through his drawings and texts. Each evening will be different, as the obsessions and eventual deaths of the protagonists are chosen before the audience’s very eyes. A flock of nuns, a ballerina, mustachioed musicians, a man, an ingenue, and a child conspire to bring you an evening sure to entertain.

If you are one of Gorey’s many fans, this is a must-see. If you have never heard of him, come and be inspired.

*(Gorey was perhaps most famed in his lifetime for his brilliant, idiosyncratic set and costume designs for a 1977 production of Dracula that opened in New York to critical and popular acclaim, and went on to feature such stars as Frank Lagella, Jeremy Brett, Terence Stamp and Jean LeClerc.)

Reception after the show on opening night!

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