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Emergency #19

Public Energy presents
Emergency #19

March 30 – April 1, 2012

Market Hall, 140 Charlotte St.

Program A: Friday @ 7:30PM, Sunday @ 2PM
Program B: Friday @9PM, Saturday @ 7:30PM
Program C: Saturday @ 9PM, Sunday @ 3:30PM

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$15 one program
$10 each additional

Call the Market Hall Box Office at 705-749-1146

Festival of New Dance and Performance
by Peterborough-area Artists

This year’s festival features 17 artists and groups of artists, presenting Peterborough audiences with the widest variety of performance styles and techniques they will see in any one event this year, including a one-on-one puppet show by veteran theatre artist Brad Brackenridge that can be viewed by only one person at a time.  The artists in Emergency #19 range from solo contemporary dancers to groups of 10 or more, employing a range of techniques from real-time video projections and contact dance, to circus arts, clowning, puppetry and traditional Sri Lankan celebration dance. The subjects explored in the performances are just as varied; they range from tiger taming and the interrogation techniques of the Spanish inquisition, to mental health issues, life on the margins, the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the influence of technology and digital information on children.
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Program A 
Friday 7:30pm / Sunday 2pm

Lester Tegan Opal   Revolutions
Kate Felix    Trapped in my Mind 
Hilary Wear    Seal Woman Moves: Life on Land
Bill James   Rant
Deborah Harrison    Maeve’s intoxication
The PyroFlys   Broken Down Circus

Program B
B Friday 9pm / Saturday 7:30pm

Melanie McCall & Tara Williamson  Stark
Alli Pfaff    Life is a One Way Ticket
Old Men Dancing    Occupy This
Keith Macfarlane    The Lesson *
Gaya  Nilukshini S. Jayasinghe   Traditional Sri-Lankan Celebration Dances

 * warning: Program B
strong language and explicit sexual content. NOT FOR KIDS!

Program C 
Saturday 9pm / Sunday 3:30pm

Kate Story  All she’s told him 
Wes Ryan   Appendages: the trailer
Deb Renyolds & Hermione Rivison   Do You See It?
Mark Wallace   Mathias!
Ryan Kerr   Falling Down
Ryan Kerr   Impenitent

One on one Puppet Theatre In The Lobby
Friday 6:30pm & 8:30pm / Saturday 6:30pm & 8:30pm / Sunday 1pm & 3pm

Brad Brackenridge Vertep
Vertep is approx 5 min in length. Continous performances will begin at the above times and continue for about one hour. Tickets are not sold in advance; to view the work, audience members attending one of the Emergency programs must put their name on a viewing list being compiled by the special Vertep attendant.

Performance descriptions

Lobby Installation

Brad Brackenridge 
Vertep is a one-on-one puppet show to be performed every 5 minutes for one viewer at a time in a special custom-made enclosure installed in the Market Hall lobby. Brad’s collaborators on the work include two singers, a costume designer, a carpenter and a multi-media artist. Brackenridge, whose mother passed away three years ago, describes the work as a “meditation on life, death and beyond”.

Program A

Lester Tegan Opal
This collaborative trio integrates live video mapping, electronic music, contact improvisation, and hoop dance as forms of expression. Thematically it explores the cyclical nature of creation and destruction; organic and mechanical form; sexuality and relationships.

Katie Felix 
Trapped In My Mind
Exploring the growth of an individual and the synchronicity of mind-body interaction, this work explores the dynamic relationship between aspects of the self, adult onset psychosis, and mental health issues. Trapped In My Mind is an investigation into the unsuspecting soul who encounters a psychotic break and is forced to face the difficulty of putting oneself back together. Featuring dancers Katie Blow, Krista Newey and Tayler Owens.

Hilary Wear
Seal Woman Moves: Life on Land
Seal Woman Moves: Life on Land is taken from the middle of the selkie story and shows the displaced one’s conflicted state: recurring urges to go and stay.

Bill James
Rant is a solo dance performance featuring Wes Ryan.

Deborah Harrison
Maeve’s Intoxication 
Unleashing destruction or a path to healing? Harrison explores Chaos, the third rhythm in the Five Rhythms Ecstatic Dance tradition practiced locally by the Dance Your Bones collective, and wonders aloud where it will lead.

The PyroFlys
Broken Down Circus
Car trouble or no, the show must go on, even if that show is in the middle of nowhere. The PyroFlys will dazzle you with their harmonious mastery of the flowing circus arts.

Program B

Melanie McCall and Tara Williamson 
This is a performance based on the extraordinary true life of legendary tiger tamer Mabel Stark’s love for her tigers, her passionate life, and the thrill of The Big Top. Through dance, storytelling, theatrics and live music we attempt to shine a spotlight on a life most unusual and inspiring. Come join the Circus and marvel at the mystery! Performed by Melanie McCall, with music by Tara Williamson.

Alli Pfaff
Life Is A One Way Ticket
An exploration of the romanticism and reality of life at sea, Ms. Pfaff tells her true story of crossing an ocean aboard a small sailboat. Using images from her recent passage across the Atlantic, the story is woven into a soft flowing composition of moving soundscapes.

Old Men Dancing
Occupy This
This year’s offering is a simple musing on the movement started on Wall Street by some Canadians from Adbusters Magazine. It raises hope for the coming spring, while asking the burning question; “Where do we go from here?” Some pundits read deep esoteric meaning into the work of Old Men Dancing. However, as can be seen in their newest work, that is not what the group aims for; rather they start with a concrete idea and then through improvisation and tinkering move as far away as possible, while still leaving a distinct whiff of it in the finished work.

Keith Macfarlane
The Lesson
The Lesson is a meta-theatrical story that explores how children access and navigate their world through technology and digital information. A world that is, or has become, increasingly constructed by images in the media, outside of the guise of parents, mentors and role models.  In their endless digital world of information, children use the imagery in music to teach themselves about the nature of human relationships. Thus, in this story there are many characters, but only two teachers and one student. Who each of them are
depends on the perspective of each individual audience member.

Gaya Nilukshini S. Jayasinghe
Gaya will perform a selection of traditional Sri Lankan celebration dances, including one of the eighteen Wannam Recitals, or descriptive element dances, in Sri Lankan Kandyan dance which describes an eagle in flight. The music ranges from classic movie songs to classic recordings featuring Kandyan drums, flute, and a few new instruments.

Program C

Kate Story
All She’s Told Him 
This new work pulls from Kate Story’s latest novel, Wrecked Upon This Shore: a son, his mother, and the father he never knew. Performed by Kate with Keith Macfarlane and Ryan Kerr, and music by Curtis Driedger.

Wes Ryan
The Teth Theatre presents Appendages (The Trailer) 
A fast paced live-action trailer, using contact, slap-stick, and spoken-word, Appendages presents a dystopia where all social services are privatized and entrepreneurs are encouraged to recruit clients by whatever means necessary.  A comic portrayal of life on the margins, as told by Peterborough’s first integrated theatre company, this parody asks the question, “Have you got spare change, for a good cause?”

Deb Renyolds & Hermione Rivison
Do You See It?
In the search for what matters, two clowns learn about what matters most and what can be left behind on the journey to find it.

Mark Wallace
A serious clown prepares to give the performance of his life. Cue the unexpected. Matthias must choose to stand and face the music or to exit, pursued by a bear.

Ryan Kerr
two short works: Falling Down and Impentinent

Falling Down was created for the weekly dance class run by Kerr’s dance company Fleshy Thud. Over the course of two eight-week sessions, the piece was taught to the students as an illustration of different modern/contemporary dance techniques, and then adapted as a duet.

Impenitent is one of three pieces to be performed in Fleshy Thud’s next production “Unkind”, scheduled for June, 2012. It is based on the 15th century philosophy of Tomas Torquemada, the man who literally wrote the book on how to interrogate heretics for the Spanish Inquisition, and the public procession a heretic would make on the way to their auto-da-fé (public burning).

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