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Charles Koroneho

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May 24-25, 2013 @ 8pm


Market Hall Performing Arts Centre: 140 Charlotte St, Peterborough



Public Energy and O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk present
in association with Indigenous Performance Initiatives

Te Toki Haruru: TŪĀHU – Choreographic Research Project
Facilitated by Charles Koroneho

Pure : Solo Performance
Choreography, performance, facilitation
Charles Koroneho
Direction, choreography, dramaturgy

Alejandro Ronceria
Performance design, lighting, production
Brad Gledhill

In the Maori language ‘pure’ is the term applied to a form of ritual and karakia (incantation). An important factor in pure rituals is the action of loosening and binding. Elements regarded as dangerous are loosened from the subject of the ritual, while those regarded as beneficial are bound to it. The term expressing the loosening and binding is pure and several of the karakia used for rituals, are also named pure.

From the darkness comes a cold wind to crush the body, prophetic shadows transform the discontinued, an unspoken community. Unearth the Tūāhu, ritual space of the unknown. Awaken body, alone, unknown and nameless, dance of anonymity. Tectonic memories petrify longing, dreams are whispered, my journey from compression to gravity’s embrace, a solemn ascension. Skeletal precipice, bone cemetery, ‘Pure’ rite, dance incantation, a cleansing utterance…………

Pure is a solo performance embodying the ritual loosening and binding actions of the Tohunga (shaman, skilled expert). Set in a place of thresholds, the performance works with transgression, evocative theatre and the ritual body. Collaborative processes inform Pure; the theatre design, video projection, live voice, visual language epitomize the design aesthetic of Te Toki Haruru choreographer Charles Koroneho.

Pure is the first performance work of the Tūāhu Choreographic Research Project.

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