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The Dream Machine

with Minister Aschenbach and his Dream Ministry

September 15 & 16, 2011
8PM: Introduction & Dream Retrieval/Collection Session
10PM: The Dream Reveal

The Sapphire Room, 137 Hunter St. W

watch the doctor at work here

Dr. Aschenbach & The Dream Machine
have been touring villages and towns collecting dream data for the Viennese Ministry of Dream Interpretation and Global Dream Archives.
Please consider submitting your dream(s) to this touring collection

Submit your dreams
Please take a moment to recollect a sleeping dream.
Write it down in here: Dream Collection Agency
or deposit in a Dream Machine Collection Box (available at The Sapphire Room, Black Honey, Dreams of Beans) for processing through the Ministry’s patented Dream Distillery. (your anonymity is assured)

Come to the Event
Experience the transmogrification of the collected passions, anxieties and subconscious drives as they are revealed in a fully orchestrated théâtre d’ombres performance.
2 nights only!

Can’t remember your dreams?
Try Dr. Aschenbach’s Dream Mnemonic Cards– Scientenaciously proven to summon dream memories for retrieval and collection.

TRY ONE NOW!  Objects  Situations  Words
please be aware- you may feel a slight tingle or twinge when confronted with an image or word of potency- this is a good sign that you are accessing a dream memory. The sensation should soon pass and has no ill side-effects.

Still in a Fog?
Peruse this short form list of dream elements: ShortForm
if willing- please print this off and contribute your results to the dream data collection via email, or hand-delivery to the collection boxes or event.

Dream Mnemonic cards, short and long forms and other suspendisse-scientia recovery devices will be available during the collection and retrieval  process on Sept. 15 & 16 prior to the Dream Reveal.

Please Note:
All submitted dreams will be rendered anonymous and added to the Dream Log Touring Collection for research and public viewing


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