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Poster for Emergency #14

Emergency #14

March 23 – 26, 2006

Market Hall Performing Arts Centre, 336 George St. N

Program E:  Thurs @ 8PM, Sat @ 7PM
Program M: Thurs @ 9PM, Sat @ 8PM
Program R: Fri @ 8PM, Sat @ 9PM
Program G: Fri @ 9PM, Sun @ 2PM
Program Y: Thurs – Sat after all 8 & 9PM shows

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Tickets $8 for one show,
$5 for each additional show,
$20 for a festival pass.
Call (705) 745-1788, for information or reservations.

With a full range of performance styles from modern dance, hip-hop and ballroom, to dance theatre and performance art, the fourteenth annual Emergency festival brings to the stage nineteen brave new works of dance and performance by some of Peterborough’s finest talent, ranging from veteran dance artists to adventurous newcomers. In addition to the stage works, this year’s Emergency includes a multidisciplinary performance/installation in a room at Market Hall that can be viewed before or after entering the theatre.

ImageThurs 8:00 and Sat 7:00
Chicks With Balls – Chicks with Balls Can Dance
Vanessa Ferrari and Cate Henderson – Sun Down Dance
Alejandra Perdomo, Maria Vasconez , Naomi Schatz, Peggy Houston – Las Pecueca
Barbara Stocking – Well Woman
Trent Dance Team – Overcome and Outta Control
 ImageThurs 9:00 and Sat 8:00
anya gwynne – Flight Pattern
Old Men Dancing – Marshalling Memories
Emma Romerein – Elves, an excerpt of DeadLok
Anne Ryan – Abiding
 ImageFri 8:00 and Sat 9:00
Brian Nichols – Monalisa
Wes Ryan – she sits silent, sketching circles in her skirt
Kate Story and Curtis Driedger – Joy of Blood
Esther Vincent – Seelenfröhetanz nach der Gassenhauer von Hans Neusidler und einige Pferdespielen
 ImageFri 9:00 and Sun 2:00
Caribbean Beat – “Wile-out” Productions
Sophia May Cooper and Jenn Cole – Sub Urban
Tiina Kivinen – She Who Dreams Life Into Bodies
Deb Reynolds – Awakening
Hilary Wear – Brothers & Friends
 ImageThurs to Sat after all 8 & 9 pm shows
Jessica Rowland – sleep (Performance Installation – free admission)


















e – Thurs 8:00 and Fri 9:00

ImageChicks with Balls Can Dance
Created by: Chicks With Balls
Performed by: Emily Anastassiadis, Anna von Bieberstein, Ayasha Calderone, Bobbi-Lee Chatelaine, Melissa DeLeary, Sarah Kardash, Mary-Jo Nadeau, Ziysah, plus surprise cameo appearances!
Chicks with balls explore the intersections between dance and sport. PSA: If you’re a chick who wants to be a chick with balls, join us in supportive sport space for all skill levels write to
ImageSun Down Dance
Created by: Vanessa Ferrari and Cate Henderson
Performed by: Vanessa Ferrari and Cate Henderson, Jeff Cadence
Two playful characters play on their neighbourhood street. Using borrowed objects and each other they explore movement.
ImageLas Pecueca
Created by: Alejandra Perdomo, Maria Vasconez , Naomi Schatz, Peggy Houston
Performered by: Alejandra Perdomo, Maria Vasconez , Naomi Schatz, Peggy Houston, Card Players Will, Trevor, Dale, Ali, Mike Minor
“I tell you all my secrets but I lie about my past…” Just another night of drinking and raunchy music. Tom Waits take it away…
Well Woman
Created by: Barbara Stocking
Performed by: Barbara Stocking and Sommer Sanderson
This dance piece explores several, transitional aspects of women’s lives. With a Scream we realize we want to find “our female selves” but knowing the value of being true to our female centre conflicts with the easier gain that seems to come with seduction and a dishonesty with self. Eventually, we hope, there is a release and greater acceptance of ourselves and discovery with our connectedness.
Created by: Susie Magyari, Lindsay Williams, Jenna Tye, Ashley Retford, Amanda Ferguson
Performed by: Susie Magyari, Lindsay Williams, Jenna Tye, Ashley Retford, Amanda Ferguson, Stacey Maloney, Katie Bowerman, Andrea Lewis, Elizabeth Pecchia, Lisa Jensen, Jen Amato, Alana Webber, Kaleigh Meringer, Lisa Wardle, Jenn Smith, Britanny McCormack, Teri Northey
ImageOutta Control
Created by: Susie Magyari
Performed by: Susie Magyari, Lindsay Williams, Jenna Tye, Ashley Retford, Amanda Ferguson, Stacey Maloney, Katie Bowerman, Andrea Lewis, Elizabeth Pecchia, Lisa Jensen, Jen Amato, Alana Webber, Kaleigh Meringer, Lisa Wardle, Jenn Smith, Britanny McCormack, Teri Northey, Ashley Oszytko Diebold, Kevin Kishundat, Chris McConnell, Robyn Jarchow, Marian Abdi

m – Thurs 9:00 and Sat 8:00

ImageFlight Pattern
Created and performed by: anya gwynne
Inspired by the myth of Icarus and by a poem entitled “Icarus in Three Parts” by Esther Vincent, this piece is an exploration into loss, mainly a loss of self. Through movement, text and sound, Flight Pattern is a moment in the journey to achieve a balance between emotional extremes and an attempt to escape the insular state of depression.
ImageMarshalling Memories
Created by: Old Men Dancing
Performed by: John Anderson, Ray Barker, George Barron, Andrei Filippov, Michael Hermiston, Peter Hewett, Dave McConkey, Brian Nichols, Rob Steinman, Jim Angel
The Old Men explore the father-son relationship and reflect on the journey to becoming old men.Since we crawled from the soup and climbed trees and then found refuge again in the sea, never has the stark and naked essence of the father-son relationship been probed and exposed with more confused and dangling tools than by the fools of Old Men Dancing. A must see performance by all who seek to feel the warm touch of a father’s hand on a cold and snowy face.
Elves, an excerpt of DeadLok
Created by: Emma Lu Romerein
Performed by: Tanya Crowder, Mairéad Filgate
This is the Elf excerpt of a larger piece called ‘DeadLok’ inspired from the metaphors from ‘Lord of The Rings’ showing the plight between good and evil. In this excerpt I concentrated on showing the etherial quality of the Elves mixed with a strong sense of forboding in the face of futile hope.
Created and performed by: Anne Ryan
Abiding. And we stay. Time passes. When something precious is lost a struggle ensues. Sorrow, faith, letting go, turning and returning.

r  – Fri 8:00 and Sat 9:00

Created by: Brian Nichols
Performed by: Brian Nichols, Anna Gartshore
“the story of one life cannot be told separately from the story of other lives. Who are we? the question is not simple. … All the lives that surround us are in us.” Susan Griffin
Imageshe sits silent, sketching circles in her skirt
Created by: Wes Ryan
Performed by: Kate Story, Wes Ryan
In the weeks preceding my grandmother’s death she spent many hours in silence. My grandfather would sit near her, not speaking, attending to her needs with care. Before her death I asked Nanny what she thought about in this silence. She said when she wasn’t worrying about those she was leaving behind she thought of how much she loved my Papa. I never asked Papa what he was thinking.
ImageJoy of Blood
Created by: Kate Story and Curtis Driedger
Performed by: Kate Story, Michael Morritt
Mandolin Society of Patootville: Carl Agar, Clifford Ballantine, Ken Brown, Anne de Long, Curtis Driedger, Emily Glasspool, Sam Gleason, Roy Hagman, Maxine Mann, Judy Marshall, Barbara Ratz, Patricia Stone, Anna Tennent-Riddell, Jerry Vis, Jim Gleason (dog house bass)
The Juanita O’Dang Singers: Stephanie Benn, James Britton, Vanessa Ferrari, Charlie Glasspool, Jean Greig, Jason Hayes, Cate Henderson, John Hoffman, Andrew Johnston, Dianne Latchford, Phil Loucks, Jayne Martin, Kathy McLay, Susan Newman, Emony Nicholls, Jo Pillon, Karine Rogers, Patti Shaughnessy, Jovanna Soligo, Karen Sutherland, Caroline Tennent, Tina Therrien, Ben Wolfe, Hannah Wolfe, Marcelina SalazaThere was blood on the saddle, blood all around
And great big puddles of blood on the ground.
The cowboy lay in it, covered in gore
He won’t be bustin’ no broncos no more.O pity the cowboy all bloody and red,
His bronco fell on ‘eem and mashed in ‘ees headThere was blood on the saddle, blood all around
And great big puddles of blood on the ground.…that’s about it in a cracked open nutshell, and now we gaze upon the soul of L’il Will as, with the agonizing slowness of eternity, it struggles to separate itself from the liquid portion of his newly created remains. 
ImageSeelenfröhetanz nach der Gassenhauer von Hans Neusidler und einige Pferdespielen
Created by: Esther Vincent
Performed by: Stephanie Corrin, Ryan Kerr, Curtis Driedger, Baraba Ratz, Tina Therrien, Hannah Brown, Issac Brown, John MacEwen
Horses. Falling in love. A spring day. A happy song.

g – Fri 9:00 and Sun 2:00

Image“Wile-out” Productions
Created by: Caribbean Beat
Performed by: Christopher Allen, Darnally Estava, Renee Kelly, Oscar Moore, and Nadia Daniels
This dance encompasses various styles from different genres. Principally, hip hop and dancehall movements are most evident. The piece seeks to question stereotypes by presenting them in a manner that seems to perpetuate them. However, through the resolution of the plot various unconventional outlooks shine through.
ImageSub Urban
Created and performed by: Sophia Cooper and Jenn Cole
Two dancers play with opposition, and warp the time and space associated with subway travel.The body, as an organic entity, will examine the subconscious stimuli of the pumping, grinding, screeching etc, and the layers of sound as they interact with thought. The dancers build a relationship in a mutual space, but also enter the chaotic and off balance nature of their reacting psyche.
She Who Dreams Life Into Bodies
Created by: Tiina Kivinen
Performed by: Tiina Kivinen, Kerry Tims
A dance of love for the Mother. A Reflection on Birth and Creation. The dance of Life becoming itself, A swelling ocean. crimson. safe. a sweet source of power. Dancing to infuse the moment with the life giving, all powerful, sensuous essence of the feminine, to push forward a reality of affirmation, transformation and healing. I’m not just dancing, i am purging silence from cells.
Created and performed by: Deb Reynolds
We’re born with ultimate possibilities. What happens? Is it outside forces that limit our potential, or is it our own inner negative dialogue? How do we break free and return to that place where everything began and everything was possible?
ImageBrothers & Friends
Facilitator and Co-Choreographer: Hilary Wear
Performers & Co-Choreographers: Timothy Oates & Alexander Verhoeven, Christopher Oates & Isaac Verhoeven
This piece, created collaboratively, has evolved from the theme of bullying and now tells a story of the bonds and boundaries in Boys relationships with their brothers and with their peers. We hope to show the continual balancing taking place within the relationships to create their sense of brotherhood. A Sister’s voice, singing of the freedom that grows from trust, rounds out and supports the Boys’ work.

y – Thurs to Sat after all 8 & 9 pm shows

Collaborative choreography by:Jessica Rowland, Holly Podres and MJ Dalton
Performed by: Holly Podres and Jessica Rowland
An experimental and experiential after-show ambient performance and installation piece for your contemplation, exploration and enjoyment. A place to dialogue and be immersed in an audio visual, sensual environment for as many minutes as you would like to stay.

All photos by Esther Vincent, except Chicks with Balls Can Dance, by Ziysah, and Overcome and Outta Control, by The Trent Dance team.

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