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Vincent S.K. Mantsoe
February 2 2015

Aharona Israel
February 10 2015

Bill Coleman


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19 Years

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Vincent S.K. Mantsoe
NTU / Skwatta
February 3 2015

Aharona Israel
February 12 2015

Emergency #21
March 26-29 2015

Previously this Season

Bill Coleman & Mark Shaub
The Brothers Plaid

Gordon Monahan
Sauerkraut Synthesizer
January 8 2015

Bill James

October 24 2014

Heidi Strauss/adelheid

October 10 2014

Paris La Nuit
September 12 2014

Totally Multi
September 13 2014

Dusk Dances in Rotary Park
July 24 to 27 2014

Readings from the Port Dalhousie Stories
August 8 2014


Runway Challenge 2012

Friday April 27th, 8pm
Doors open at 7pm

Market Hall, 140 Charlotte St. Peterborough

Public Energy presents
The 2012 Runway Challenge & Wearable Art Show

One exceptional evening exploring the sartorial genius of Peterborough visual artists and designers. All proceeds benefit Public Energy's performing arts programming with Peterborough artists, such as the annual Emergency festival. There are 3 elements to this year’s event, modeled on the success of last year’s

phone: 705-749-1146
Cabaret-style table seating: $30 per person.
Get the best view, up close to the runway, with a table seat. Table seats are available for any number - come on your own or put a group together. Not available on line, please call the Market Hall Box Office at 705-749-1146.