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Celebrating 20+ years of bringing Bill Coleman and Laurence Lemieux to Peterborough

March 12, 2016 @ 8PM; Showplace

April 2, 2016 @ 8PM; Market Hall

Three Special Events in 2016:

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Elvis & The Man in Black

Saturday, March 12, 2016
8:00 pm

Pre-Show Chat with Laurence Lemieux, choreographer, at 7 p.m. in the Showplace Lounge.
Post-show reception: Meet the artists in the lobby following the show.

Venue: Showplace Performance Centre

$37 general / $23 students, underwaged
Tickets available for purchase through Showplace Performance Centre

 dollhouse mousetraps


Saturday, April 2, 2016
8:00 p.m.

Post-show reception: Meet the artists in the lobby following the show.

Venue: The Market Hall Theatre

$24 general / $17 students, underwaged / $8 high school students
*Ticket prices include box office service charges
Tickets available for purchase through Market Hall Theatre.

 OutSideIn 2photo


A 3D film presented by the ReFrame Film Festival, directed by Anne Troake and featuring Bill Coleman

Thursday, January 28, 2016
7:30 p.m.
Venue: Galaxy Cinema

In Conversation With…

Bill, what’s up with the spotlight on Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie?
I hear ya! Good question. After all, since 1987 the artists behind the company, Bill Coleman and Laurence Lemieux, have come to Peterborough a combined total of 16 times by our rough count. Check out the full chronology below.

So why again?
Well, c’mon it’s been four whole years since the company’s last full-length program in Peterborough, in 2012, with James Kudelka’s House of Mirth.

What are they up to now?
These days the company has two projects on the go – one driven by Laurence, the other driven by Bill – and we saw the chance to showcase their latest directions for veteran audiences who are curious to see what has changed and what hasn’t, and for new audiences who want to find out what all the fuss is about. The two programs present two very different approaches to dance, in creation and execution.

Two very different approaches?
I think they present a fascinating contrast, an opportunity to re-discover why we are drawn to this art form in the first place. Is it for the virtuoso ensemble work of the country’s best contemporary dancers in Kudelka’s The Man in Black? Or is it the playful experimentation with form and content we see in Laurence’s Looking for Elvis and Bill’s Dollhouse?

There seems to be a special bond between Peterborough and these two artists.
Yeah, more than any city in the country we’ve sort of adopted them, often acting as the supportive parents when their newest works were being born and no one else was paying attention.

So their dance careers have matured along with Public Energy?
Right, sixteen years ago, when they gave birth to their dance company, we were the first presenter in Canada to show their new program, An Evening of Duets. And when they brought James Kudelka into the company as resident choreographer, Public Energy presented the world premiere of his collaboration with Daniel Taylor at a sold out Showplace. We’ve hosted seven world or Ontario premieres here and a bunch of residencies.

Now it’s time to see what their latest work is all about.
Yes and as I alluded to earlier, the company is now more like two companies in one, as Bill and Laurence seem to be forging separate identities and directions under the umbrella of CLC. How many dance companies in Canada can make that claim?

The Shows

Charting all the shows Public Energy has done with Bill Coleman and Laurence Lemieux – sometimes together, sometimes apart – goin back to PE’s founding as Peterborough New Dance.  Coleman Lemieux and Cie was founded in 2000.

The column on the far right indicates who choreographed the work and who performed in the work.

To date, Bill and Laurence are tied with 7 choreographed works each.

chor perf
Laurence’s pre-CLC program:
     1995An Evening of New Dance with:
la MerLL LL
314 MilesLL LL,BC
Bill’s appearances on his own:
     1998Shane (part of the Holiday Dance Sampler)BCBC
     2007Old School Hoofing (part of Moving Cultures)BCBC
     2015Dido and Aeneas **BCBC
Bill and Laurence together before Coleman Lemieux & Cie:
     1997Six Electrifying Dance Hits with:
DéserteursLL BC
Syl & NgBC
The Wili (chor: H. Small) LL
The Brothers PlaidBC BC
     2000An Evening of Duets (World Premieres) with:
Street of CrocodilesLL,BC LL,BC
Metis sur Mer (chor: M. Gillis) LL,BC
Two Sisters (chor: T. O’Connor) LL,BC
Coleman Lemieux & Cie:
     2003Varenka, Varenka! (Ontario Premiere)LL LL,BC
     2005Les Paradis Perdus **LL LL,BC
     2006The Kudelka-Taylor Project (World Premiere)* (chor: J. Kudelka) LL,BC
     2007Interiors (World Premiere)LL LL,BC
     2008In Paradisum – school show only (chor: J. Kudelka) LL
     2010In Paradisum* (chor: J. Kudelka) LL,BC
     2012From the House of Mirth (Avant-Premiere) (chor: J. Kudelka) LL
     2015The Brothers Plaid **BC BC
     2016Looking For ElvisLL
     2016Dollhouse (World Premiere)BC BC





















All shows at the Market Hall except *at Showplace and **at the Gordon Best Theatre

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